We aim to help Canadians achieve the highest indoor air quality for their homes.

Most homeowners, feel inadequately informed about their indoor air quality and what they need to do to keep their family healthy and safe. Clean Air Club is devoted to teaching homeowners about how filters work, why they’re made the way they are, and what they should know about finding the right fit for their home.

Integrity and high-quality customer service are at the center of our business. We aspire to educate our customers about the importance of air quality and do everything possible to enhance the convenience of a healthy home.  

Proudly manufactured in Western Canada.

Our air filters are locally manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta. We are part of BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions, a locally-owned company that has been delivering clean indoor air environments to some of Canada’s most complex industries and buildings for over 50 years.

We manufacture, distribute and service air filters across Western Canada, with expertise in engineering & design, supply chain, manufacturing, and filtration. Learn more about BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions.